Meet the Artist

Artist Statement

Energy-Conscious Art is my life’s work. I meditate daily to stay in the flow of Divine Creative Energy.  My aim is to become a hollow reed, that the Divine Love and Light flows through to others.

As a Pisces, WATER is my element. I often paint with acrylics, watercolors, and inks. To incorporate other elements in my work, I use sand, minerals, and fossils representing the EARTH.  I sometimes torch my work to incorporate the element of FIRE. I add the element of AIR by blowing on the paint, which also creates a sense of movement.


Using my hands, body, as well as crystals, wood, and metals give them lifeWhen I am creating in the Divine Energy flow, it helps me to create art that is not only Visually Pleasing, but also Tranquil, Nurturing, and Loving.


The presence of my artwork enhances any space and brings fresh Energy to it. I believe we must address the current challenges in our world from a productive and positive perspective, using any talents we were born with.

Love is the ultimate answer. 


 “…the basic energy of manifestation, as posited by various people and sometimes termed Cosmic Consciousness.  In this broader sense, it may be construed as the fundamental substance of the universe…” ….William Nathaniel Greer



Artist Bio

My name is pronounced Fear-roo’-zay.

Creating beautiful works helps make the time we spend in the material world more joyful, and helps us stay connected to our true higher selves, our souls! Focusing on one’s life purpose, whether it be artwork or another joy, is what brings our inner spirit alive.

I have been an artist for more than 35 years, mostly concentrating on wearable art and jewelry.  After being stuck at home for almost a year like many of you due to the pandemic, I reflected on my life and decided it was time to fully engage and focus on my #1 passion which is painting.

I create all size paintings in acrylic, ink, and mixed media, based on however and whatever inspires me.  What inspires me most is creating large paintings and sculptures for homes, offices, and public spaces.  I love serving others and fulfilling their needs through my art.

I work from my studio near Atlanta, GA.

“Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time”… Thomas Merton